By: Patricia Cermignano

According to Bryant®, ductwork is defined as "hollow pipes used to transfer air from the air handler to the air vents throughout your home". As ductwork is one of the most vital elements of any home cooling or heating system, it is important to understand the difference between Sheet Metal Air Ducts and Flexible Air Ducts.


Sheet Metal Air Duct

Sheet Metal Air Ducts are rigid air ducts primarily made of galvanized steel. They come in round, rectangular and spiral oval shapes. As sheet metal air ducts are firm, they require more prep-work as they are custom-fit and designed to the specific dimensions of the space they are being installed in. They are more durable than flexible air ducts as well. The sheet metal air ducts are connected directly to the cooling and heating system through the trunk line, which carriers the main source of air to/from the HVAC unit.



Flexible Air Duct

Flexible Air Ducts are made from pliable tubes of plastic which are often wrapped in insulated wire frames. Due to their flexibility, flexible air ducts can be installed in places that typically are more difficult to install sheet metal air ducts in. They are also used in conjunction with sheet metal air ducts to run air to individual registers in the ceilings. A few benefits of flexible air ducts are that they are relatively inexpensive, are generally easy to install and are lightweight.



What Our Company Offers

Bob Cermignano Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. has an in-house sheet metal fabrication shop to help ensure a higher level of quality and faster installation. The benefits of having our company create and install the air ducts for your home are:

  • Complete duct work systems for both heating and cooling applications
  • Turning vanes in each filter elbow, lowering static pressure, increasing air flow
  • Flared supply plenums to reduce static pressure and help assure maximum air flow throughout your home
  • Internally insulated sheet metal duct work to help reduce air noise and to help prevent condensation on the outside of the main trunk lines
  • Canvas connections to break the metal sound where the duct work meets the heating or cooling equipment
  • Each sheet metal installation is custom fabricated for that job

If you have any questions on the difference between Sheet Metal Air Ducts and Flexible Air Ducts or to inquire about getting duct work installed or replaced in your home, please call Bob Cermignano Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.'s office at 610-642-6323 or visit our website at