By: Patricia Cermignano


The Laundry Scrubber®, a cold-water laundry system that uses oxygen and ActivePure® technology to lift and remove dirt and grime from laundry, was designed, engineered and made in the USA for reliability, durability and a hassle-free total laundry solution. No additional chemicals, detergents or hot water is needed with this system either.

The Laundry Scrubber® is easy to set-up, as it simply connects directly to your washing machine with standard hoses. Once the system is correctly attached to the washing machine, place the laundry into the washing machine as usual and set the water temperature to cold. If the blue status light on the Laundry Scrubber® is on, it indicates that the system is working.


Benefits of the Laundry Scrubber®

  • There is no need for detergent. For really tough and deep stains, you may have to pre-treat or use 1/8 the amount of detergent you would have used prior to installing the Laundry Scrubber®.
  • The Laundry Scrubber® makes clothes softer. Detergent and chemicals build-up on and weigh down clothing, towels and linens. Over time, however, the Laundry Scrubber® removes old detergent and restores natural bounce to the fabrics without any fabric softeners.
  • The Laundry Scrubber® is environmentally friendly, by only using cold water and not using any detergent or detergent containers.
  • The Laundry Scrubber® is better for sensitive skin.  By not using detergent, chemicals or bleach, the irritation and itchiness caused by detergents embedded in clothing and linens is eliminated.
  • Brighter colors and whiter whites is the result of using the Laundry Scrubber®. The cleaning power and use of oxygen helps clothes restore and maintain their vibrancy.


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